Senior Internship Experience

Seniors and some Juniors will have the opportunity to join our internship program.

Each student picks an area of interest and explores that topic with a mentor while applying STEM and business concepts.


We allow our students to participate in an internship, in which they will be matched with a mentor who has knowledge in the specific area the student would like to focus on. Our Senior internship can be a half-year or full-year opportunity, depending on the preference of the student and mentor. Whether it is hands-on project, or research driven, students will have free-reign of what they'd like their internship to focus on. After the students has made their decision, the student & mentor will begin working together to create a portfolio or project. By the time the internship is completed, the student will have a deeper understanding of their chosen topic choice.

Case Studies

Sammie: A Senior at Lloyd Greene decided that she wanted her internship to focus on how to market a business. Sammie was then paired with Kevin, who handles Lloyd Greene's marketing and web design. Throughout the Internship, Sammie built a brand message, constructed ideal buyers, compiled a competitive analysis, put together a content creation plan, managed our social media pages, and even helped build the website you're currently viewing. By the time Sammie completed her internship, she had a deeper understanding of what it really takes to build a business from the ground up.