Individualized Learning

Student : Faculty Ratio


Average Class Size

3 Students

School Population

8 Students

Alex and Dan reviewing an essay.

In the Classroom

We believe that small class sizes are crucial to the success of our students. In a class of 5 students or less, your child's questions will always be answered, their needs will l always be addressed, and they will have a close relationship with their instructors and classmates.

This also affords instructors the opportunity to tailor their lessons and assignments to the individual strengths, challenges, and interests of each student in the class. Customizing the classes this way ensures that students remain engaged with the material.

360 Degree Support

At a large school, it is common to see students fall behind because their instructors don't understand their needs or overall situation. At LGE, every student has their own Learning Profile which outlines their personal path to success. The teachers meet regularly to discuss every individual student, their needs, their academic standing, and how we can adapt our teaching methods to better serve them. Our team of advisors and learning specialists can offer support in identifying new techniques and lessons.

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Long-Term Project

The long-term project is a 2-9 month semi-independent course offered to all students in grades 7 through 12 (similar to independent study). This enables students to earn course credits for completing a large academic or personal project of their own choosing. First they select their project or research topic. Then they select an advisor (either a faculty member or an older student) who is knowledgeable in this area. Students will meet with their advisor on a weekly or biweekly basis to ensure that they're staying on track.

Students will learn independence and responsibility, develop their executive function skills, further their ability to research and summarize information, and most importantly, grow their love of learning by focusing on topics they are passionate about.

For upperclassmen, the Senior Internship is also available.