Close Community

The Lloyd Greene Family.


Students have the opportunity to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with their classmates and teachers. Our small school has made it easy for each and every person to bond, compared to the large traditional school setting. At Lloyd Greene, we pride ourselves in the small community we've built thus far!

Connecting With Others

Although we are a small school, the students, parents, and staff at Lloyd Greene are very connected. Your child will build a personal relationship with every one of their classmates and teachers. Our small community means that everyone knows everyone. Even during our lunch period, students & staff participate in a family-style setting. Our teachers and students build strong, meaningful bonds that you don't normally see in the public school environment. At Lloyd Greene, we strive to uphold a community that works for our students, parents, and teachers.

Students enjoying time outdoors.

Benefits of a Small Learning Community

There are many benefits for students who are a part of a small learning community. At Lloyd Greene, we are able to:

  • Tailor instruction to meet the needs of each and every student

  • Foster student leadership, social & emotional skills

  • Enhance relationships between students and teachers

  • Offer more opportunities for collaboration