Additional Support

Support at LGE

One of the core ideas of our school is that every student should have a path to success. We will work hard to identify and provide the support your child needs. Students will learn how be their own advocate and ask for assistance when they need it.

Our team of educators and learning specialists have decades of experience working with students who struggle with learning difficulties.

Learning Profiles

We create a Learning Profile for every new student who joins LGE. The Learning Profile is created collaboratively between the parents, teachers, and our learning specialists. It contains information about the student such academic strengths, weaknesses, and areas of interest, as well as learning strategies or formats that have been successful in the past. This enables the teachers to better understand your child and help them on a more personal level.


Lloyd Greene Education is structured to allow great amounts of flexibility in the classroom. No diagnoses are needed to set up any accommodations for your child. Many features, such as our small class sizes, discussion-based lessons, alternative assignments, extra assistance from teachers, and much more, are already built into the curriculum and available to every student.

If modification is needed, we arrange a meeting between the family, teachers, and learning specialists to discuss what needs to happen and how it can be achieved. Some typical modifications include extended testing time, regular teacher check-ins, private classes, and even executive function coaching. Our students' needs are our top priority.