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Individualized Learning

Each student's projects and assignments are tailored to their skill level, interests, and goals. We can even arrange one-on-one custom classes.

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Close Community

The students, parents, and staff at Lloyd Greene are very connected. Your child will build a personal relationship with every one of their classmates and teachers.

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Senior Internship Experience

Seniors and some Juniors will have the opportunity to join our internship program. Each student picks an area of interest and explores that topic with a mentor while applying STEM and business concepts.

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Online or In-person

We offer 100% online and remote options, as well as blended models where the students are partially online and partially in-person. Of course, students can also be 100% in-person.

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Support for Gifted Students

Lloyd Greene Education is a place where gifted students can thrive. Students learn at their own pace without anyone in their way. Teachers and mentors can provide more challenging lessons and assignments to match the students' skill levels.

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Support for Learning Challenges

Students with learning difficulties will find that their teachers are eager to help them succeed. We work together to create a learning profile for every student and ensure your children are taught in a way that works for them.

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