The STEM-B school model intertwines STEM fields with business strategies in a cohesive learning environment that allows students to collaborate, communicate, think critically and solve problems. Lloyd Greene Education's four-year high school STEM-B program includes a unique year-long internship experience during the Senior Year, which will set your child apart from their peers and pave the way for success on their journey as they continue their journey past high school.

  • Communication - the ability to clearly articulate their thoughts and ideas with sound reasoning

  • Collaboration - the ability to work with others in pursuit of achieving a common goal

  • Critical Thinking - the aptitude to identify and investigate problems and subsequently gather and analyze data in order to develop and implement alternative solutions

  • Creative Problem Solving - the ability to use their imagination to develop novel, intuitive solutions

  • Self-Reliance - the opportunity to demonstrate self-motivation and personal initiative to organize their project by following agendas, working with specified time frames, following a project through to completion and gaining self-confidence along the way

We cater to students who find traditional education stifling, and our goal at Lloyd Greene Education is to provide your child a school setting that will help them gain confidence by showing them the connection between the classroom lessons and real-world scenarios. Our students become a proactive and creative problem solvers, effective communicators, and influential leaders. We work hard to develop and foster trust between students and faculty. Our low student to teacher ratio allows for personalized learning and ongoing, specialized support.

Our academic focus includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Business (STEM-B). Students will implement the topics learned in class and apply them to real world scenarios. This real world, practical application empowers your child and gives them a great sense of pride, academic purpose, and dedication to their community. One of the key skills we teach is the scientific method, which we have found helps students identify and prioritize steps in order to tackle a problem whether it be in the classroom or in their personal lives. Your child will be able to utilize the skills gained in class and translate them into action, giving them the intrinsic motivation needed to complete their work and truly do their best.

The four-year high school STEM-B program:

  • Allows students to work on a STEM-based business or project

  • Provides an environment that will foster social interactions and collaboration

  • Teaches students how to manage a business while reinforcing the learning process

  • Encourages a sense of pride in student work by showing real world results above and beyond traditional letter grades

  • Includes core classes for freshman, sophomores and juniors that prepare each student for their final project and/or placement in the small business model

  • Grants seniors the opportunity to complete an internship and run a portion of a small business as their capstone project

Math and Science

Mathematics was developed from the study of real-world problems. For instance, geometry emerged when people needed to solve problems relating to distance and area in their everyday lives. The rules and concepts of mathematics have remained the same, but the applications have changed as our everyday needs have evolved. We have found that many students struggle with mathematics because numbers on paper are abstract, however, a greater understanding of math can be beneficial in the study of business, chemistry, and physics to explain a variety of physical phenomena. Compartmentalized learning does not allow students the ability to form a deeper connection to mathematical concepts, and therefore, they do not see what they are learning in mathematics and how it can be applied to another field of study. Our STEM-B model works to eliminate this hurdle for your child by taking abstract concepts and applying them to concrete examples. Seeing mathematics in action gives your child the understanding of why they must learn the rules and concepts and gives them confidence to tackle mathematics.


Not only does our curriculum emphasize the interconnections among science, technology, and mathematics, but we also offer your child a strong classic liberal arts and humanities education based on the collegiate model. We encourage students to build upon their skills instead of memorizing content, while constantly showing the connection between different fields of study. Students read literature outside of the traditional lens and oftentimes with a higher level of sophistication. From a historical perspective, we focus on how the events of the past can directly impact our current cultural and political landscape, while bringing a sense of narrative to historical stories. We look at the inventions and creations throughout human history in order to demonstrate the fact that we are constantly solving problems and looking for ways to improve upon what our ancestors developed before us. Geography is emphasized to connect historical events to the places where they occurred. Students learn that throughout history we, as the human race, have needed to adapt culturally and practically to different regions. Students can conceptualize a theme that can be exhibited through various mediums, including art, writing, and digital format in order to create a cohesive display. Our goal is to help shape your child into a productive member of society, which is why our humanities curriculum is seeded in the notion of giving back to the community and helping others. This is achieved through an internship credit for volunteer work, community organization, working with city and state politicians, and other rewarding and life-changing opportunities.